The Capital Region Archery Club has a long-standing tradition of excellence in its education programs with classes offered to beginner and intermediate archers several times a week.

All of our coaches are unpaid, dedicated volunteers who spend countless hours helping individuals with obtaining and improving their archery skills.  Each coach is screened and undergoes a background check, including a Vulnerable Sector Police Information Check. All of our coaches have been trained through the Coaching Association of Canada’s (C.A.C.) National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and have Emergency Level First Aid Certification.

For the General Public

Public Drop-Ins

The Capital Region Archery Club offers a Public Drop-In Beginner Classes where anyone from age 10 can come to try archery for the first time. Public Drop-ins are also perfect for those individuals with shooting experience who are thinking about taking a regular class or are considering becoming a member.

Drop-in sessions take place on Saturdays, generally running from the first week of October to mid-April and on Mondays (to be confirmed each year) from July to August.


For Club Members

Beginner Classes for Club Members

These classes are offered as a FREE service to members. Information on membership can be found by clicking here.

The Beginner’s classes at the Capital Region Archery Club, for club members ages 10 and older, focus on establishing a solid foundation on which the new archer can begin to build their knowledge and skills.  Running during the Fall, from October to December, and Winter, from January to the end of March, participants will be guided through technical knowledge and practical skills in the following areas:

  • Safety and range etiquette.
  • Proper warm-up and cool down techniques.
  • Determine the participant’s eye dominance.
  • Learn how to identify the parts of different types of archery equipment.
  • 10 steps of the shot sequence.
  • Establishing the best shooting stance for each participant.
  • Learning the correct bow hand position.
  • Learning the correct draw and anchor technique.
  • Learning how to aim.
  • Learning how to release and get good follow-through.
  • Scoring on different types of targets (target faces; field faces; and 3D).

Registration for these classes is for members only and typically during the Open Houses in September and January of each year.

For Club Members


The Capital Region Archery Club opened its doors in 2001, to 80 junior members. Although the numbers may have fluctuated over the years, the Capital Region Archery Club's Junior Program is a vibrant as ever.

The Capital Region Archery Club’s Junior Program is open to youth members from the ages of 10 to 16 who wish to improve their skills and knowledge in the sport of archery. 

Classes typically start on the first Saturday of October and run once per week.  Our Junior Program Classes follow the Long Term Athlete Development Model and Archery Canada’s Canbow program. 

Through Canbow, participants of the Junior Program Classes have the opportunity to earn badges as their knowledge and skill level improves.

NOTE: Our program winter and fall classes are for MEMBERS-ONLY and registrations for the classes happen during our open houses in January and September.

For news and information on upcoming Junior Program events, please follow-us on our Junior Program Facebook Group or check our calendar here.

For Club Members

Canbow Program

“The CanBow Skills Program is a tool used by many clubs across Canada to encourage novice archers as they develop their target archery skills. The Program was developed to provide archers with the necessary skills to progress in the sport, and to be the entry pathway for young archers as they develop skills and techniques of shooting a bow.”Archery Canada

Steps to Participate

At the moment, with respect to scores requirements, the CanBow program progression follows the tables below.

The archer requires to shoot 10 ends of 3 arrows (a 300 round) at a distance of 18m for each submitted score. To qualify for awards scores must be shot twice (signed by a witness), except if the score is shot at a tournament, for which case only one score is required. 

For Club Members

Fun Shoots and Social Events

In addition to regular classes, members of our Junior Program have the opportunity to participate in fun shoots and social events organized by the Club’s Junior Program Coordinator.  Frequently, these events occur around holidays; however, they are not limited to occasions such as Christmas or Halloween and occur at other times of the year too.

Our Junior Program’s members always have a great time at these events.

For news and information on upcoming Junior Program events, please follow-us on our Junior Program Facebook Group or check our calendar here.

For Club Members & the General Public

Junior Invitational

Each year around February, the Capital Region Archery Club hosts a two-day archery tournament and fun shoot for archers under the age of 17 from across the province.

Day 1 of the tournament is a registered 18m 600 round officiated by an Archery Alberta judge.  Medals are awarded for first, second and third place in each equipment division and age category.

Day 2 of the Junior Invitational features a team event in which cookie medals are awarded and door prizes are given away.

For news and information on upcoming Junior Program events, please follow-us on our Junior Program Facebook Group.

For Club Members

Next Step Coaching Sessions

Are you a club-member who has been practising archery and have questions about your form or equipment? Are you open to working with coaches, along other experienced archers, to improve your archery skills? If yes, these sessions are for a club member like you!

These sessions differ from our other classes and programs as they are not a class, but an opportunity for experienced archers to practice with a coach present to help them work through form problems or any other concerns with their shooting. 

The archers who come out to theses sessions are, from regular club members, to archers who compete at the local, provincial, national, and international levels.  

Please check our calendar for the next dates available for these sessions.

(Part of the High-Performance / Competitive Program)

For Club Members & the General Public


Literally translated as “way of the bow,” Kyudo is the Japanese form of archery.  Once considered a tool of survival, the Japanese bow or yumi was used for hunting, warfare, ceremonies and displays of skill.  Kyudo evolved from the Japanese martial art kyujutsu, once considered the highest form of discipline among the Samurai of feudal Japan.

There is no consensus on when the discipline came to be called Kyudo but it is largely accepted that it wasn’t till the late 19th Century that it became focused solely on individual practice.  No longer used as a weapon, the yumi is used as a tool in the pursuit of spiritual and physical development.

Since 2007, the Capital Region Archery Club has fostered the promotion and practice of Kyudo through annual introductory courses called “Beginners’ Intensives” and by providing club members and the general public opportunities to come together for fellowship and practice.

We practice every Wednesday evening from 7 to 9pm (please check calendar to confirm a date), and we encourage anyone who wants to observe and ask questions to come as well.

We welcome and teach beginners all year round.

Non-members can drop-in for a maximum of three sessions.